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Consultations and ongoing integrative mental health treatment

Treatment is offered both in group and individual settings

Approach to treatment is holistic and includes: Lifestyle assessment & recommendations, psychotherapy, mind body interventions like yoga and meditation, supplements and medications



Lana Benedek has worked for more than 14 years with adolescents and adults, helping them to resolve mental health concerns and increase wellbeing. Although she is medically trained and can use medications when indicated, she also has extensive experiencing working with mindfulness based practices such as yoga and meditation, talk therapy, diet and exercise, and uses these other modalities primarily in her approach. Her primary intention when working with individuals is to facilitate an improved connection between mind body and spirit, as she believes this is the path to more self love and resilience.

She currently facilitates therapy groups for individuals with anxiety, depression and addiction throughout Los Angeles, including at the Mind Body Tree house and Resolutions Treatment Center.  She also sees private clients in her office at: 2116 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 270, Santa Monica, CA 90403. Additionally, she is on the clinical faculty of the University of Southern California (USC) where she teaches psychiatry trainees about mindfulness and self care to reduce burnout and stress, and she provides consulting services to health care institutions and universities.

Early in her medical career, Lana became interested in the marriage of medicine and other modalities of healing.  During medical school while working on the pediatric ward of Howard Hospital in remote Zimbabwe, Lana became attuned to our society’s dependence on external medical treatments and this led her to begin practicing yoga and meditation.  Later working with clients in the faculty practice, at USC and within the student health center at University of California at Los Angeles, she saw the benefits of incorporating mindfulness based practices within her therapy.

For much of her life, Lana has been passionate about helping others. While attending medical school in Toronto, Canada, she volunteered to help the city’s homeless population with their addiction issues at one of the first large scale harm reduction program for alcoholics in North America.  Before that in New York, she volunteered as a patient advocate and educator at Bellevue Hospital and worked to improve access to medical care and information for the city’s low income and homeless populations.  Early in her medical career, she specialized in working with young adults, feeling a need to help teenagers through the often anxiety ridden years of adolescence.

She attended McGill University, in Canada where she earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. Lana obtained her medical degree at McMaster University and completed her psychiatry residency and fellowship at the University of Toronto.  In 2009 she moved from Toronto to Los Angeles.  Currently, in addition to her teaching and consulting work, she also has a private therapy practice in Santa Monica where she sees individuals and groups.

She lives in the Pacific Palisades with her husband and two children.  And in her free time she loves to practice yoga, hike, dance and sing.