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    Dr Lana Benedek is a Psychiatric Physician with 15 years experience. Her approach to treatment is integrative and holistic and incorporates the best of western and eastern approaches. It also addresses all aspects of a persons lifestyle.  A treatment plan may include talk or mindfulness-based therapy, lifestyle changes, herbs, supplements or medication. 


    Individual & Group Treatment for Adolescents & Adults.  Consultations for other treatment providers are also welcome.  Classes and workshops in Yoga, Meditation and integrative mental health. She also provides consulting and curriculum development services to universities and corporation locally and internationally.

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    Yoga for Anxiety & Depression see Events page for upcoming times.  

    Also Recruiting For:

    1. Young adults for a mindfulness-based therapy group 

    2. Individuals of any age interested in discontinuing antidepressant within a group context

    Treatment Approach

    Integrative & Holistic

    Dr Benedek incorporates the most effective approaches from western and eastern medicine.  She will include assessment of all elements of lifestyle as well as factors related to mind body and spirit so that underlying causes and contributors can be addressed.  

    Areas of Focus

    Difficulties related to stress, fear and anxiety including post traumatic stress.  Low mood and depression. Addiction of all types, including technology.  She has particular expertise in antidepressant dependence.  Relationship concerns are also a primary focus of her practice.

    Other Information

    Treatment length will vary depending on goals and initial concerns.  However, all clients are approached with the intention of limiting treatment length as much as possible for achieving goals.  This contributes to individual resilience and self reliance.  

    Dr Benedek is not part of any insurance panels and payment is due at the time of service.  A bill to submit to insurance for reimbursement will be provided 

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    I am currently seeing clients on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  For an appointment please call or send an email. Thank you!

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