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My Approach to Treatment

 There are four things that set my approach apart from other mental health treatment. Firstly, my approach is holistic meaning all aspects of your life – mind, body, spirit and community – are taken into account. Secondly, I aim to get at the root cause of your difficulty using a combination of history taking and selective testing. Thirdly, the treatments I offer are integrative, both psychotherapeutically as well as biologically. For psychotherapy this means western approaches like cognitive therapy and eastern ones like yoga and meditation may be included. And for biological treatments this means that herbs, supplements and nutrition recommendations are provided even when pharmacological options are indicated. Fourth, my goal from day one is to decrease your dependence on me and other external treatments and therefore my focus is on teaching self-efficacy, increasing resilience, and minimizing the length of treatment. 

Initial Holistic Assessment

90-minute Integrative Assessment & Treatment Planning.

This includes a thorough history of your concerns, including an assessment of mind, body, spirit & community, goal setting and initial test and treatment recommendations.  It will also include obtaining collateral from other treatment providers.  The cost is $400. 

Ongoing Treatment

Integrative Treatment:

Your holistic assessment may be followed by this comprehensive treatment.  This includes both medical and psycho-therapeutic treatment.  Sessions are 50 minutes in length and cost $225.   These are usually recommended at a weekly frequency to start.  Often patients see significant improvement in the first 8-10 weeks and no longer need weekly treatment.  I will do my best to give you an idea of the likely length of treatment when we start.

Medical Follow-Up:

Your holistic assessment may be followed  up by an initial medical follow up.  Usually within 2 weeks of your initial assessment.  These appointments are also 50 minutes and cost $300.  After that appointments are scheduled as needed but not usually more than 1-2 times per month.  

Group Treatment:

At some point after your initial assessment I may recommend that you engage in group treatment as part of your treatment plan.  Group treatment can be an effective way to build community, increase self efficacy and improve accountability at a lower cost.  

Courses & Workshops

Consultation & Supervision Services

Please contact Dr Benedek directly if you are interested in her consultation and teaching services

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